MHFS Samurais

Welcome to Samurais, Samurais is a children's Martial Arts like no other & you now have access to our incredible Online E-Learning Hub as well as Master Hutton VIII Degree & his world class team of instructors, there is simply no finer or better qualified team anywhere in the country. 

For over 30 years we have been inspiring our kids to be so much more than they ever believed they could be,

Samurais is far more than sport alone, our emphasis is on building a powerful mindset from day one, ensuring our kids leave class no matter their physical challenges we ensure they feel great about themselves & prioritise the effort they put in. Effort & Attitude is valued above all else!

We ensure every parent/carer & child understand at MHF effort is key & valued above skill alone, this does not hamper physically in any way, on the contrary with our emphasis on Effort & Attitude every child is empowered without fear to give all they have & see their skill set soar! Thus true self esteem is achieved by all not just the naturally skilful.

We believe ensuring your child understands the power of communication as well as the mindset behind those who wish to cause them harm emotionally or physically empowers them far more than any physical response, however at MHF your child will also learn Martial Art Skills from our world class instructors led by Master Hutton himself. 

We guarantee your child will absolutely thrive in not just a safe environment but one that empowers them to face even the strongest of peer pressure, knowing from day one they are now part of a powerful community dedicated to their safety and happiness.