About the MartialFit Programmes

Welcome to MartialFit, you have chosen an incredibly simple all abilities Health and Well-being programme for your Mental & Physical Health.

MartialFit is the culmination of 40 years training in Martial Arts, focusing on your Mental Fitness first, safe in the knowledge when we feel great, looking great is infinitely easier!

MHF will ensure you stop thinking one day & inspire you to accept, believe & feel great about you TODAY, this is the true power of MartialFit, no matter your individual challenges we personally train everyone to lift their heads and put s smile on your face & your heart.

Martial Fit - EXPRESS

Our programmes begins with our fantastic 15 Minute MartialFit EXPRESS, yes 15 Minutes only & you feel incredible, what a start to any day especially if time is short. 

MartialFit 30 

Stepping up from MartialFit EXPRESS we increase your levels no matter your present fitness (or not) MartialFit 30 is an awe inspiring session, continuous motivation, we are as always with you every step of the way, when you have to slow down or pause this is a badge of honour - not shame. We ensure you appreciate your efforts, celebrate all you are giving, head up, pride in yourself, this way your journey is an inspirational one, this is the key to your success at MHF.