GTI English Open – Cheltenham 2023

Cheltenham 23 what a wonderful wonderful event, MH Taekwon-Do from our incredible support team (Parents) to our exceptional competitors.

As usual our supporters were the toast of the championships, Saltires everywhere & our people cheering at every point, every victory, they make such a wonderful impact on everything we do.

Competitors, Wow, each competition sees a huge improvement in skill, fitness & application, we had 17 students returning with 26 individual medals & everyone (medal or not) made me so so proud.

We also celebrated 2 birthdays whilst we were away, Young Thomas Turning 11 and Miss Stirling celebrating her 21st Birthday! Your MHF Family wish you both a very happy birthday

Special thank you to Mr Lobban & his team of Black Belt coaches for as always ensuring each & every student was taken care off putting them first & making the experience all the sweeter for everyone.
Miss Stirling, Mr Cohen, Mr Stirling & Mr Hutton on his first BB competition THANK YOU…

Open Dutch here we come, watch this space…..