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What a wonderful achievement, on passing this milestone your peers have signalled clearly to the World of TKDITF you are an exceptional candidate, you present all the attributes of a future Sahyun.

For me upon my promotion by none other than GM Bos himself, a Master Instructor who has shaped so much of my journey & to whom I owe a great deal.

From that day in March 2004 my mind was set on doing everything I possibly could to prepare the very best version of myself, preparation that would honour the potential GM Sutherland saw in me 29 years ago, the faith our Founder & GM MacCallum had in me as they pushed me forward & the trust GM Bos placed on me as he paved the way to Sahyun the day in 2004 he passed me to Sabum VI

So now you are here, so many have invested time, sweat, trust and yes real Faith in you, it is incumbent upon you to firstly not let yourself down & repay all those & there will be many who gave their time & belief in you in this most wonderful of journeys to Sahyun.

Remain true to your beliefs, show kindness & compassion to others, especially those who do not easily gain your confidence & drive, strive daily to be the best you can be & Sahyun is an office you will always Honour🙏🏼👊❤️