ITF TKD 5th Degree Syllabus


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We have now shown the tremendous responsibilities we took on gaining Sabum status have not only been met but you have excelled, therefore your desire to one day become Sahyun now is stated clearly for all to see.

This path brings again its own unique challenges, without them of course your journey would not could not continue to inspire yourself & others forward.

General Choi himself made this very clear to me, he insisted I grade when my journey had stalled after 9 years @ IV Degree!

The General stepped in & on October 23rd 1999 he set my challenge I had no choice I was to grade & on October 25th 1999, yes two days later at an IIC in Dublin (On my 35th Birthday) I was so honoured & graded under his son GM Choi Jung Hwa!  that day will live long in my memory, after a wonderfully full on knocked all over the floor & bounced of walls grading  I was promoted to Sabum V Degree.

The moral here is we must continue to challenge ourselves as instructors, if not we not only lose our inspiration but as our Founder made clear to me the ability to inspire others & there is no greater goal of every Instructor but to do exactly that🙏🏼