ITF TKD 3rd Degree Syllabus


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Physically & Mentally 2nd Degree elevated us as Martial Artists to possibly the very peak of our physical prowess, the physical challenges faced to pass 3rd Degree are considerable indeed, Huge Congratulations.

Remember no matter how good we may be physically, thankfully we are far from the peak of our Mental & Emotional understanding of all we one day can become.

We know we are on a path to Sabum level, this is the most important Examination of your TKDITF journey so far.

We look to prepare of course all avenues of our Psyche more than any other promotion the path to IV Degree must see a well rounded candidate, experienced & skilled with maturity & respect for all who cross their path.

All candidates must be ready to take on the responsibility that comes with the power to create Black Belts of their own.

Can there be a greater responsibility on the shoulders of any International Instructor.