MHF’s Black Stripe Syllabus (1st Kup)

Jack Lobbandmaa

Wow yes wow, you have Black on your belt, what an achievement, it feels wonderful & possibly again a little daunting, however, Pride is the overriding emotion. This is a celebration of all Mentally & Physically you have achieved, you know how far you have come & will be ready for this next step..We now plan one of the biggest days …

MHF’s Red Belt Syllabus (2nd Kup)

Jack Lobbandmaa

Breath to Believe, you are Red Belt 2nd Kup!! It can be daunting as all progress can be, however, we keep our training focused on your individual journey, no one else’s it is your progress & goals that truly empower you.. Always we remain focused..

MHF’s Red Stripe Syllabus (3rd Kup)

Jack Lobbandmaa

Red Stripe signifies your continued  progress to real physical ability, your confidence in your ability to look after yourself physically is well deserved, you are at least 3 years of dedicated training & you know as always, step at a time is the way forward.

MHF’s Blue Belt Syllabus (4th Kup)

Jack Lobbandmaa

Wonderful, TKDITF celebrates this achievement as a milestone in your journey to Black Belt! Maturity in your Mental training as you realise how far you have come🙏🏼You are already assisting others, mentoring, often without even realising it. So many ways you are growing & enjoying your ever growing abilities. Communication & conflict resolution play a huge part moving forward👊

MHF’s Blue Stripe Syllabus (5th Kup)

Jack Lobbandmaa

Patterns growing all the more challenging, great progress being made all over.. Power breaking, strength you never knew you had.. Blue symbolises maturity & you can now feel just how much you now understand your techniques, they feel natural & learning all the more advanced movements is more fun & exciting rather than just scary 😃

MHF’s Green Belt Syllabus (6th Kup)

Jack Lobbandmaa

Going from Strength to Strength, now focusing on our dynamic movement, continuing our practical applications, ensuring you know how to deliver all you have learned, Green belt sees our kicking abilities pushed further & further, we are right there with you & you will fly👊👊

MHF’s Green Stripe Syllabus (7th Kup)

Jack Lobbandmaa

Physically you feel a different person, mentally so much more self assured with belief in yourself. As always simple steps, enjoying your challenges knowing every failure is another step to success.. We are stretching you, toning you & giving you so many wonderful techniques to challenge you, exciting exciting.

MHF’s Yellow Belt Syllabus (8th Kup)

Jack Lobbandmaa

Woohoo, first full coloured belt, Fantastic!! Your confidence, belief in yourself through step by step achievements really is making the difference. This is your first Coloured belt & feels fantastic as it should, by now you know the benefit of our mental strength training, nothing you cannot achieve, step by step..

MHF’s Yellow Stripe Syllabus (9th Kup)

Jack Lobbandmaa

Congratulations Yellow Stripe, you have passed your first grading & as we told you we are with you every step of the way. Now our focus remains Head up, pride in ourselves. Understanding mistakes are life’s lessons, embrace them & love the journey..

MHF’S White Belt Syllabus (10th Kup)

Jack Lobbandmaa, glasgow

Welcome to MH Taekwon-Do, our first lesson together is understanding true self belief, pride in ourselves comes from giving ourself credit for the steps we take not only from success but the Effort we put in! Here you will feel welcomed from lesson one, we know effort & attitude builds self belief & will see you further than you ever …